Monday :: Aug 21, 2006

Not Good Enough After 54 Years?

by pessimist

What is it with some Christians and their blatant discrimination? the New Testament reports Jesus associating with lepers and prostitutes, and yet in more modern times, his 'followers' at like Pharisees. There have been some recent comments in the threads concerning the fact that 'Christians' are thoroughly enamored with the Old Testament to the near-total exclusion of the New, so maybe they didn't get to learning about Jesus' social activities.

Even so, I can't fathom this:

Church Fires Teacher for Being Female
Aug. 21, 2006

The First Baptist Church [WATERTOWN, N.Y.] dismissed Mary Lambert on Aug. 9 with a letter explaining that the church had adopted an interpretation that prohibits women from teaching men. The letter quoted the first epistle to Timothy: "I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent."
She had taught there for 54 years.
The Rev. Timothy LaBouf, who also serves on the Watertown City Council, issued a statement saying his stance against women teaching men in Sunday school would not affect his decisions as a city leader in Watertown, where all five members of the council are men but the city manager who runs the city's day-to-day operations is a woman. "I believe that a woman can perform any job and fulfill any responsibility that she desires to" outside of the church, LaBouf wrote Saturday.

He must be a Republican. Who else would want to turn the clock back far enough to put women back up on the pedestal with shakles?

Apparently, 'Rev.' LaBouf stands alone:

Mayor Jeffrey Graham, however, was bothered by the reasons given Lambert's dismissal. "If what's said in that letter reflects the councilman's views, those are disturbing remarks in this day and age," Graham said. "Maybe they wouldn't have been disturbing 500 years ago, but they are now."

Five hundred years ago, would 'Rev.' LaBouf be the first to throw the lighted brand on the pyre? I have to ask? He seems to be into Trial By Ordeal:

In a statement, the board said other issues were behind Lambert's dismissal, but it did not say what they were.ambert has publicly criticized the decision, but the church did not publicly address the matter until Saturday, a day after its board met.

I'll bet he approves of torture also - but only for heretics, apostates, and non-Christians.

'Christians' like this make one proud to be non-religious.

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