Friday :: Aug 25, 2006

Key Marketing Message About Terror Starting To Fail

by Mary

Bush and the Republicans know that the only thing that will save the Republican Congress is to run hard on terrorism, yet even that message is beginning to fall apart. The majority of Americans are no longer buying the line that the steadily worsening war in Iraq is helping to win the war on terrorism.

An AP-Ipsos poll released Wednesday found that 60 percent of Americans believe that in the long run there will be more terrorism in the United States because of the war in Iraq.

That's up substantially from an AP-Ipsos poll taken in December 2003, after the capture of
Saddam Hussein, when the figure was 40 percent.

In the new poll, 40 percent of Republicans said they believe there will be more terrorism in the U.S. because of the war. That compares with 74 percent of Democrats. The poll of 1,001 adults, taken Aug. 7-9, had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Also, a CBS-New York Times poll on Wednesday said just 44 percent of Americans now consider the Iraq conflict part of the broader war on terror — as the administration contends — down 10 points from June. More than half now say it is not.

"That's exactly why the president is refocusing on this, to remind people that that's an incorrect assessment. They are tied together," said Galen.

Of course, the problem for Bush and the Republicans is that Iraq has become a daily reminder about how poorly Bush has done as a "War President." Everyday people hear that Iraq is getting worse, more troops are needed and more about the blackhole for money that the war has become. So let those Republicans run on Bush's record in Iraq. Especially as more and more Republicans come out saying that Bush screwed up, like Bush's good buddy, McCain did yesterday. Bush and his Congress deserve to burn in the inferno they've created in Iraq.

Update: Laura Rozen is definitely unimpressed with the Campaign brochure (aka: scare document) the Republicans produced to scare Americans in voting Republican. What a sick joke.

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