Friday :: Aug 25, 2006

Afternoon Quick Hits - Another Shot At Hillary From A 90's Mudslinger

by Steve

Image courtesy of Time Magazine

As many of you suspected he would, McCain put the kneepads back on for Bush today after Rove bitchslapped him. Tell me Senator, does he leave a mark?

Retired general John Baptiste just blasted Rummy on MSNBC about Iraq: "He served up our great military a huge bowl of chicken feces, and ever since then, our military and our country have been trying to turn this bowl into chicken salad." And snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Beltway Democrats have decided to downplay troop withdrawals the remainder of the midterm campaign, something that over 60% of the public wants within a year, in favor of the futile call for Rumsfeld’s departure.

Facing a tough race in November for supporting of Bush over Iraq, GOP representative Chris Shays leaves the reservation.

Now that the damage has been done, Condi’s State Department wants to investigate the IDF’s use of American-supplied cluster bombs against Lebanese civilians.

Stuart Rothenberg now predicts that the Democrats will retake the House, picking up anywhere between 15 and 20 seats.

Joe Lieberman refused to endorse three Democratic challengers to GOP House incumbents today.

How solid of an up-and-comer is Arkansas GOP governor Mike Huckabee if he cannot carry his own state against either Wesley Clark or Hillary? (Hat tip to Brent)

Time Magazine’s Karen Tumulty is the latest media star who revisits her trashing of the Clintons during the 90’s to dredge up the Clinton’s marriage, how Bill would be a drag for Hillary, and how problematic her candidacy would be. Both Tumulty and Ezra Klein picked up on something we noted early last month: why not Hillary for Senate Democratic leader? And who would benefit the most immediately if Hillary changed course? Perhaps John Edwards.

Don't get too worked up over the latest Gallup Poll which showed Bush's approval rating up over 40% for the first time in months. There is a good reason for that result: the sample they used had an almost equal number of Republicans and Democrats, something that Gallup hasn't done in months, and other pollsters haven't validated since 2004. But leave it to Gallup to produce a GOP-friendly poll when necessary to feed the gullible media of a Bush bounce over terrorism fears. Other pollsters haven't found a similar result, but the media didn't report that.

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