Sunday :: Sep 3, 2006

Open Thread - Easy Like Sunday Mornin'

by pessimist

There seem to be a lot of elected politicians offering up apologies, for example, Maryland Comptroller William Donald Schaefer: "Political observers see it as a last-ditch effort to win over people who have supported Schaefer in the past but are worried about another four years of public gaffes."

Based on this article, there is a long history of such apologies, many intended to head of problems before they become electoral liabilities rather than after-the-fact acknoledgement of wrong-doing.

That is the crux of today's seed question: Those who apologize usually have something to apologize for - and will likely have other, worse sins against the American nature to atone for (yet they never do!). Think Nixon's 1952 Checkers speech and Watergate.

Why do the American people fall for this ploy so easily that those who don't really mean it when they say that they are sorry get a free pass and another opportunity to violate the public trust?

Your comments, on this or any other topic which gnaws at your conscience, are welcome here.

The floor is yours. Hit the deck!

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