Tuesday :: Sep 5, 2006

Will The "Fear And Smear" Work With This Year's Soccer Moms?

by Steve

As an integral part of its final 60-day strategy to convince voters not to change horses after six years, the White House released an updated counterterrorism strategy to support the campaign talking points. As usual with the propaganda that Bush puts out, logic is absent from some of it.

The White House claims success in rooting Al Qaeda from Afghanistan on the same day that the New York Times is reporting that the Taliban is retaking control of southern Afghanistan, directly as a result of the Defense Department failing to insert enough troops in the country back in 2002 when Rummy and Bush were abandoning the country for Iraq. Plus, as Ron Suskind noted in “The One Percent Doctrine”, the CIA knew as far back as late 2003 that Al Qaeda wasn’t aiming another attack against the United States and had changed its tactics to avoid electronic detection. Instead, the Agency concluded that Al Qaeda planned to peel our allies away from us by attacking them instead. The Agency also concluded that Bin Laden released a new tape on the eve of the 2004 election to ensure that Bush would be around to continue his missteps for four more years.

But if the White House and GOP focus so much on security issues these last 60 days out of political expediency, not only can their own record of failure undo them but Democrats can also show voters how detached the GOP is from bread and butter concerns of everyday Americans. This Johnny-One-Note politics may have worked in the elections in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, but may not work now when the country has many concerns and unmet needs that the GOP seems incapable and unwilling to address, and at a time when voters are mad at the status quo.

The big question for November is whether or not the GOP’s focus on the old playbook will work again this election, at a time when more and more voters, especially the moms may vote their pocketbook issues this time. Voters are seemingly getting wise to over hyped “progress” in the war on terror, don’t buy the connection between this war and the ongoing failing occupation in Iraq, and now may see that the GOP has been asleep at the switch for these last six years in dealing with kitchen table issues as well.

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