Wednesday :: Sep 6, 2006

ABC Peddles The Propaganda

by Steve

So ABC has no problem airing a piece of right wing propaganda weeks before the midterm election that they won’t share in advance with the nation’s former president, national security advisor, and Secretary of State, even though all are smeared in the movie. But they did share the movie in advance with Rush Limbaugh, other right wing pundits, and right wing bloggers. Commission chairman Tom Kean, who was paid to add an official seal to this movie, says he isn’t sure if the movie is accurate, but doesn’t care if the movie is peddled to high school students as an accurate depiction. And yet ABC will go ahead and air this pack of lies after national security officials of the last two administrations have discredited it, but ABC didn’t want to air “Fahrenheit 911” during the 2004 election season because it was too political.

Update: And "ABC insider" has assured right wing blogger Hugh Hewitt that any last minute edits Disney makes to the movie under pressure from the left will be minor and the movie will still nail Clinton for the country's failures leading up to 9/11.

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