Thursday :: Sep 7, 2006

I Meant What I Said And I Said What I Meant

by pessimist

I've already received two emails regarding my decision (neither in support, but nothing worth posting), but the one thing I've seen worth posting is this comment:

From what I've seen in my short stint reading this site, you have to be pretty damn disruptive to get shut out.

Have you been pretty damn disruptive?
Posted by Dr. Wellington Yueh at September 7, 2006 07:37 PM

Someone gets it!

Marc Sobel, via email ( I agree with your decision since you will accept emails. I find comments - even troll-free comment streams - to be debilitating.

snark, via email: Sorry man. But do what you've gotta do.

Seven of Six, via email: I apologize for my continued off topic banter with scout.

Apologies accepted - p

Craig Gaydos and fly alerted me that I lumped Billmon and Steve Gilliard together. I have made the correction.

Before this becomes an issue, I will post comments from those who disagree with me - provided you have something to say besides calling me things like "an ass with an inflated ego" (see - I do read the other threads!).

I could respect your views of me (I thought my chair had gotten lumpy!) if you included some kind of a name in your posting, but since you decided anonymous hit-and-run was to be your style, you deserve losing commentary rights. Just don't misunderestimate our ability to do so if you become too much of a nuisance.

If you want to know more, you can use the new email address. Be repectful, for there is still room in the bit bucket for you if you aren't.

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