Tuesday :: Sep 19, 2006

Rasmussen Says Bush Bubble Is Popping Already

by Steve

Earlier today, there was a lot of attention given to the most recent Gallup poll taken September 15-17, which showed Bush’s approval rating climbing to 44%. Before anyone gets too worked up over this poll, please note that the GOP’s second favorite pollster Scott Rasmussen reports today that Bush’s approval rating since September 14th has tumbled from 47% down to 40% today. And if you want even more intriguing news, according to Survey USA, somehow the Arizona Senate race between incumbent GOP senator Jon Kyl and Democrat Jim Pederson has now tightened into only a five-point lead for Kyl after Pederson has been trailing well outside the margin of error.

Oh, and one more piece of interesting news tonight, Rasmussen says that Joe Lieberman has only a two-point lead over Ned Lamont, after leading Lamont by five points right after the August primary.

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