Sunday :: Sep 24, 2006

The Democrats Will Be Much Better in the Majority

by paradox

Thus I have told myself countless times this last week, yet another very long week where a huge chunk of the country died in the Senate without a fight from Democrats. Christy Hardin Smith, Anonymous Liberal, Charles Pierce, Glen Greenwald, David Neiwart, man they just ripped my party to shreds, it was a terrible to watch.

Then another depression-inducing blow came in: the press hasn’t been doing it’s jpb. Jesus that was awful news to me, just painfully bad, I never saw that one coming.

The press will get better when they finally get desperate for minds snatched away from developing alternative media, like this one. The Democrats will get better when they’re in majority setting the agenda, not trying to stop fascist wannabees from crushing the country.

That’s what sustains what faint hope I have for democratic politics in the United States. I’ve given up on expectations from Senate Democrats and the press, both of those institutional elements are completely dead and gone, as last week so aptly demonstrated.

An old manager of mine was not impressed with my blogging, for he stated it was “preaching to the choir.” It didn’t take but a few vociferous topics to convince him that no, most liberal blogging is the choir throwing the chairs at the priests and the bishop.

No doubt that will continue when Hillary is Majority Leader next year, but at least Congress will not be rubberstamping our war criminals as they crush the country. The old traditional press will become increasingly irrelevant as new mediums deliver what people want: the truth.

That’s more than enough reason to attempt cheerfully soldiering on. In those many moments I say to myself it’s pure irrational futility, well, what part of life can be explained rationally, truly? It’s the best I have and it’s enough; I am diminished in my enthusiasm to some degree, it’s inevitable, but at least I am still here.

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