Wednesday :: Sep 27, 2006

Schwarzenegger Leads 44 – 34 Field Poll

by paradox

This is of course disastrous news for liberals in California, but it simply cannot be swept underneath the rug.

The corporate media and the California electorate have no memory. Last year’s whipping has melted away to oblivion, while a nasty Democratic primary wounded Angelides badly, for it disgusted and dampened the base.

Personally I have no idea who Angelides is or what he plans to do if he wins. The only fact known to be true now is that he has absolutely no ability to start or weave any kind of media narrative; perhaps living in a blue-blue county means we have been ignored, for I’ve never experienced such a quiet gubernatorial candidate.

Angelides and his people insist they have time to turn this around. The Left Coaster wishes them all the best and Godspeed. There is still time and Schwarzenegger is an easy, easy target. If you get into a fight we’ll always back you up.

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