Sunday :: Oct 1, 2006

The Left Coaster: Election 2006 State of the States Roundup

by eriposte

CA: Say No To Pombo has two good blog posts about the CA-11 race to unseat perhaps the most corrupt Republican congressman from California - Richard Pombo (yeah, I know it's really hard to certify the most corrupt GOP congressman from CA, but Pombo is close enough). One post is about the role that Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund is playing in helping marshall grassroots activism against Pombo in his district, something Pombo is whining about. The second post is about the huge amounts of money that the NRCC has been dumping into the race - over $400,000 in just 2 months. Of that, $30K+ has been on internal polls, the results of which Pombo and the NRCC have not released - you can guess why. You can find progressive Democrat Jerry McNerney, who is trying to unseat Paid-For-Pombo, here. [BTW, have you checked out Power PAC's Tracking Arnold?]

CO: Talking of former Florida Congressman Mark Foley (R-Predator), Colorado Confidential has more on a former GOP rising star in Colorado who has been arrested for multiple counts of sexual assault on a child - not long after he came out of prison on attemped sexual assault charges. In election news from CO-05, the campaign manager of far right GOPer Doug Lamborn, who has been shunned by many prominent Republicans in his district, claimed endorsements from some of Lamborn's primary opponents - except they haven't endorsed him. Make sure you check out Lamborn's Democratic challenger Lt. Colonel Jay Fawcett.

IL: Talking of IL-06, is the Republican Peter Roscam or Peter Roscum? This is why I'm asking. Tammy Duckworth, the Democratic challenger has a few words to say.

MD: I thought this was a good ad from the DCCC against GOPer Michael Steele, running for Senate against Democrat Ben Cardin.

MT: Is this guy Tester smart or what? (Latest poll here, Tester's website is here)

NH: Republican Charlie Bass' policy director Tad Furtado resigned recently due to his sockpuppetry thanks to progressive NH state blogs. Blue Granite has a summary. [Bass' challenger is Democrat Paul Hodes, who seems to be making some inroads].

NJ: PocketAces at Blue Jersey writes about the Democrats "endorsing" corrupt Republican Tom Kean Jr. for Senate: "For those of you keeping score at home, "Democrats for Junior" now consist of astroturfers posing as Democrats, a racist and a federal prisoner.  With friends that dirty, Junior can't claim that he's clean as a whistle."

P.S. Most of the blogs featured in this update are listed in The Left Coaster Election 2006 Progressive State Blogs list.

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