Sunday :: Oct 1, 2006

Will The Foley Cover-Up Take Down The GOP House Leadership?

by Steve

John at Americablog has caught the east coast feed of the Sunday night ABC news broadcast, and says it is a major kneecapper for Denny Hastert. It turns out that pages on the Hill were being told to watch out for Mark Foley as far back as 2001, and yet Hastert, DeLay, Boehner, Reynolds, and the rest of the GOP leadership not only did little or nothing to stop Foley from having more contact with pages, but they sat by while he was appointed to chair a select committee where he would come into contact with children at risk. It appears the media is picking up the scent of a GOP House leadership that spent more time on Terri Schiavo that they spent on preventing a predator from preying on pages within their midst. Yet these same GOP leaders claim a moral superiority over their Democratic opponents.

This story, and the leadership’s lack of response to the threat years ago have the potential to swing the House. Pelosi has already taken the weekend's revelations and immediately called for an Ethics committee inquiry, and in response Hastert now wants to run to the smothering embrace of Abu Gonzales to have his Justice Department sit on it until after the election. It won't work; Democrats can hammer this for the next month and weave it into their "rubber stamp Congress" message and add to it a "cover-up and negligent Congress" message as well.


They couldn't protect us against Al Qaeda.

They can't protect our soldiers in Iraq.

Now, they can't protect children in the halls of Congress.

And don’t forget to watch Woodward on “60 Minutes” tonight.

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