Wednesday :: Oct 4, 2006

Open Thread - Bloody Day In Baghdad Edition

by Steve

We’ve lost nine American soldiers in Iraq, just since Sunday, with eight dying in Baghdad on Monday alone.

Howard Fineman repeated Monday night on "Countdown" that the Democrats will have to put forward an alternative on Iraq in order to close the deal with voters and take back at least one house of Congress. The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that a majority of voters would support a Democrat in their district who favors a staged withdrawal from Iraq.

I had previously said that the basic elements of a Iraq plan for the Democrats should include:

-A commitment to General Casey's 12-18 month timeline, followed by a staged withdrawal;
-An immediate regional security and economic conference to invest others in Iraq's success;
-Direct talks with Iran, Syria, and the Saudis to improve border security; and
-An immediate "no permanent bases/no permanent troops" resolution.

But of course this was all before Woodward told us that the Administration was lying through its teeth to us about Iraq.

Your thoughts on this or anything else are welcome.

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