Wednesday :: Oct 4, 2006

Tom Reynolds' Chief of Staff Fired For Withholding Emails From Page Board

by Steve

Things are about to get worse for Hastert. Foley’s former chief of staff Kirk Fordham, who is now NRCC chair Tom Reynolds’ chief of staff, was just fired this morning for allegedly trying to withhold the damaging emails and messages from the Congressional Page Board, which included a Democrat. However, Fordham’s supporters on the Hill say that in fact, Fordham is being used as a scapegoat by Denny Hastert.

How could Reynolds's chief of staff try and withhold this from the Page Board without Hastert, Reynolds, and Boehner knowing about it as well? The GOP leadership is in a no-win situation here: either they all knowingly withheld this information from the Page Board and all have to take the fall for allowing this endangerment to go on, or they didn't know and they are all incompetent in allowing their GOP staffs to run roughshod over the place.

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