Thursday :: Oct 5, 2006

October May Be Bloodiest Month Ever For American Troops

by Steve

AP/Washington Post graphic

Condi flies into Baghdad unannounced today, in a meaningless visit. If things are getting better over there, why do Bush Administration officials fly in unannounced? The Post runs a Page One story today on the dramatically increased rate of combat deaths so far this month among American forces, with now 45 attacks a day just in Baghdad:

The number of planted bombs is "at an all-time high," said Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell, a military spokesman, defying American efforts to stanch the vicious sectarian bloodshed in Baghdad that threatens to plunge the country into civil war.
"This has been a hard week for U.S. forces," Caldwell said. "Unfortunately, as expected, attacks have steadily increased in Baghdad during these past weeks." Independent databases showed the three-day toll for American troops to be the highest in Baghdad so far.
U.S. military officials said the surge in violence could be partly attributed to the increased exposure of American forces as they patrol the dangerous streets of Baghdad to try to quell reprisal killings between Shiites and Sunnis. The number of troops in the capital has been doubled since June to support the Iraqi government's new security plan, said Lt. Col. Barry Johnson, another military spokesman.
"When you go into bad neighborhoods, you'll have more attacks," said Lt. Col. James A. Gavrilis, a Special Forces officer and expert on the Iraqi insurgency. "If we have more people in one area, there will be an opportunity." He said enemy fighters "are reacting to an opportunity to attack."

So if putting more forces in leads to more attacks, and we are unable to reduce the attacks by putting more forces in, then tell me again why we are doing it in the first place, especially when the Iraqi forces are seriously compromised and siding with the militias? And while our forces are tied down in Iraq spilling more blood for a cause that isn’t tied to the war on terror, Al Qaeda sets up new alliances and points of attacks against us elsewhere, obviously unimpeded by what is going on in Iraq. What hope is there in the country if Iraq’s schools and universities are near collapse and takeover by sectarian militias?

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