Friday :: Oct 6, 2006

The Left Coaster: Election 2006 State of the States Roundup

by eriposte

Information on voter registration deadlines here. (The DNC is running a 50-state turnout operation - click here for details).

CT: In the CT-04 race, looks like Democrat Diane Farrell really pulled the rug from underneath Republican Chris Shays' feet. Farrell is very smart - I am really amazed at how she neutralized Iraq war supporter Shays' pathetic talking points. This is her website.

FL: Democrat Christine Jennings, running against far right nut Vern Buchanan in FL-13, is apparently doing well according to two recent polls - however they are both internal polls, so take them with the customary grain of salt. (Note that FL-13 is Queen of Corruption Katherine Harris' district and I am told Jennings is a fairly conservative Democrat).

MN: Republican Gil Gutnecht's view of one of Mark Foley's long-time protectors - GOPer John Boehner: "a breath of fresh air". That's today Republican party for you. The Democrat running against Gutnecht is Tim Walz.

NJ: Videotaped stealing of Democrat Linda Stenders' signs by a worker from corrupt Republican Tom Kean Jr.'s campaign. Tom Kean Jr. is so morally bankrupt that the depths his campaign sinks to in order to deceive people is catalogued in this diary at Blue Jersey. Here's a teaser:

'Democrats for Kean' may actually vote for Menendez

That's the Associated Press's title, not mine...

TN: Do read this post at the Ford Report to see what Republican Bob Corker's campaign has been up to (emphasis mine):

Case in point: in a recent mailer sent out to members of the Republican Party, a doctored photo of Congressman Ford is used at the top of the letter. The photo that appears has been put in black and white format and darkened by the Republicans, a lot.

Click here to see the photo. You can find Harold Ford Jr.'s Senate campaign website here. [UPDATE: For some reason this post appears to have now been deleted from the Ford Report website.]

VT: Blogger Julie Waters caught Republican Congressional Candidate Martha Rainville's campaign red handed. Rainville's campaign had been issuing policy statements that were repeatedly plagiarized. Julie has some updates on her blog Reason and Brimstone - check it out. Peter Welch is the Democrat running against Rainville for Vermont's lone Congressional seat.

P.S. Most of the blogs featured in this update are listed in The Left Coaster Election 2006 Progressive State Blogs list.

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