Monday :: Oct 9, 2006

Open Thread - Long Week Ahead Edition

by Steve

I’m sorry I’ve been somewhat silent over the weekend, as we had our daughter home for the weekend, and I then found out late today that my brother is hospitalized. So far, so good on that score. Before I put forward the Open Thread for a late Sunday night, I wanted to touch on three issues.

First, you may have noticed that some of our editors haven’t posted recently. I am making some editorial changes to the blog to see how they shake out. I wanted to thank Pessimist, Duckman GR, CA Pol Junkie, and larre for their long-standing contributions here, and encourage them to stay members of this blog community as they will always be welcome around here. Their work here was greatly appreciated by me, and I wish each of them and their families nothing but the best.

Second, early today North Korea successfully tested a nuclear device to go along with their missile development program. Keep in mind that their nuclear capabilities were greatly assisted by Bush’s best ally in the war on terror Pakistan and their rogue national hero A. Q. Khan. North Korea is led by a leader who saw his country branded a member of the “Axis of Evil” by this administration, and they noticed what happened to the one member of that axis that didn’t have an active nuclear program. I am not excusing what Pyongyang did here, and I know that this administration’s actions in 2001-2003 bear a large degree of responsibility for this outcome, but at this point the North Koreans can talk to a wall from now on as far as I am concerned. Both the Russians and the Chinese took their best shot at getting Pyongyang back to the table and they failed. I am not inclined to offer the North anything as an inducement to resume negotiations now, and it will be a cold winter as far as I am concerned for the North Koreans. Let the Dear Leader keep his people warm and feed them. Moscow and Beijing can worry about their nutcase. I’m just not feeling too enlightened about this right now; life is too short, if you know what I mean.

And a good piece in Monday’s San Francisco Chronicle reports that a range of foreign policy commentators agree that the Bush/Cheney Iraq policy has steered this country into a ditch regarding our options over there. Because of the failure of the al-Maliki government to disarm the Muqtada al-Sadr militia, our forces are now battling him directly at a time when our casualties are at their highest levels in months.

Two more examples of gross failure from the Bush foreign policy.

OK, it is your turn.

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