Monday :: Oct 9, 2006

Mid-Day Update

by Steve

A couple of items for your mid-day consideration while I sort out things closer to home:

North Korea

We could have seen this coming. Whenever the Bush Administration fails at anything, the default position by the Mighty Wurlitzer and the right wing blogs is to blame Clinton. Bush came into office and immediately blew off any chance Clinton left him to close a deal with North Korea to keep IAEA inspectors on the ground monitoring their program. He embarrassed the South Koreans in the process, and then followed the Cheney/Bolton script of isolating Pyongyang in the hope that the regime would collapse without a dialogue with the west. The Bushies also turned a blind eye towards Pakistan’s arming of the North Koreans, and then called them a member of the Axis of Evil while letting both India and Pakistan off the hook for their noncompliant activities. During the six years Bush has been following the Cheney Doctrine, and after he wondered why he should even be concerned about North Korea, Pyongyang has not only gone nuclear but gone from a suspected capability of 1-2 warheads to a suspected capability of 8-17 bombs, all while Bush kept putting this problem on the back burner. So what is the immediate reaction today to the news that Pyongyang is developing the only leverage it can in the post-Saddam environment? That’s right, it’s all Clinton’s fault that Bush let this go out of control the last six years, even though there is no evidence that Pyongyang added to its plutonium stockpile during the Clinton Administration, at a time when IAEA inspectors were on the ground to verify this.

Kolbe Knew About Foley Five Years Ago

Retiring GOP representative Jim Kolbe of Arizona, who is quite tied into the House GOP leadership, confirmed that he confronted Mark Foley over five years ago about his behavior towards House pages. And yet we are supposed to believe that Denny Hastert and the rest of the House GOP leadership didn’t know enough until two Fridays ago to do something about this predator amongst their ranks? Sure, tell me another one. I cry no tears over the fact that the GOP cannot get its message out now because of how they ignored this Foley mess. A majority think Hastert should resign, and also think that Democrats are more ethical than Republicans.

Allen Hid Actions From SEC

Want more proof that Republicans are unethical? How about George Allen’s stock options and conflicts of interests that he never disclosed, putting him in the same company as Bill Frist? And two more friends of Allen heard him use the n-word repeatedly amongst card-playing buddies.

Bush Is Pissed Over Woodward Book

And the New York Daily News reports today that Bush is steamed at the current and ex-administration officials that talked with Bob Woodward and gave an unflattering portrait of the administration. Bush is pissed because the Woodward book and the Foley scandal has made him irrelevant and destroyed his chance to save the party next month, relegating him to lame-duck status confronted by a potentially Democratic congress with subpoena powers. But Bush isn’t worried about his own place in history, because he compares himself to George Washington. Think about that, and then look no further for proof that the man is delusional.

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