Monday :: Oct 9, 2006

Guess Who Is Posting Again?

by Steve

By the way, remember this post from the Open Thread comments thread below?

I hear North Korea has conducted a nuclear test and I expected to see some backbone and concern. Instead I visit my favorite sites and see celebration that it happened on Bush's watch and that Clinton held North Korea off and Bush has dropped the ball.
I am totally disgusted at my party for trying to seek political gain from this tragic event. So disgusted that I am going to leave my long relationship with the Democrat party and go to NO PARTY. No political party represents what I believe anymore.
The Democrats and Republicans are just political hacks who seek political gain from tragic events. I thought the Democrats were above this and put country and individuals first. Wrong! My party has politicized this! Horrible. I'm gone. I don't think I can even vote for any Democrats next month. I think I'll just leave those races blank on the ballot and vote for the local issues.
Posted by marwick411 at October 9, 2006 07:57 AM

Guess who Marwick411 is, according to the IP address?


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