Wednesday :: Oct 11, 2006

Only Bush Has Tolerance for Iraqi Deaths

by paradox

The United States is directly responsible for inflicting unspeakable violence upon the Iraqi people, which according to one recent report accounts for an additional 655,00 more deaths in that nation had we not invaded.

President Bush stated in his news conference today, with no supporting evidence whatsoever, that Iraqis should be applauded for tolerating this violence in the name of “freedom.”

The only one tolerating this horrible evil in Iraq is Bush himself—he’d have to believe it to say it. It simply defies belief that a war felon directly responsible for untold death and misery inflicted upon the nation of Iraq speak for the Iraqi people.

You speak for no one but your sick self, Mr. Bush. The Iraqi people had done nothing to us, yet we must attack them for what they might do. That in itself turned out to be a complete fabrication, two grave crimes in one action. Since then the United States has committed many more war crimes in this tragically stupid, unnecessary, lying war.

Bush should be amazed Americans and the world tolerate him at all. The verdict is still not in on that question, Mr. Bush, 832 days and a Democratic Congress could reject the war and your felon presidency fairly quickly. Our country, the world and the Iraqis (who will likely never forgive us) would be far better off were it to be so.

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