Sunday :: Oct 15, 2006

Will A 2007 Democratic Congress End the Iraq War?

by paradox

Tristero over at Hullabaloo has another extremely interesting post about a possible Democratic Congress in 2007: what, precisely, would both houses of Congress in Democratic control yield for the party and the country?

Hardly anything, comes back the disheartening answer. The basis for that result is the utterly baffling behavior of the White House regarding the coming debacle of losing Congress—they truly don’t seem to care. It’s not baffling at all when one understands the total contempt Bush and Cheney hold toward Congress. Who gives a shit if it’s controlled by Democrats? So? Try and make us do anything, traitors.

Make a massive assumption the Congress, after giving Bush one year to get out of Iraq with a resolution, simply cuts off all funding for the war. Bush can either then watch the conflagration of failure and defeat from afar or order our forces home.

Dream on. The Democrats have not even shown an infinitesimally small iota of evidence they possess one tenth of the moxie required the pass acts like that to end the war. Even making that ludicrous assumption, would the Democrats then take the risk that Bush really would give them the finger for a year and kill 20,000 of our soldiers just so he wouldn’t be seen as being pushed around by Congress?

No, they wouldn’t. They won’t because they’re afraid of losing but much, much more so they would never, ever starkly pull the curtains away on a busted, bleeding, totally dysfunctional republic and country. Our soldiers would horribly die as Bush hopped up and down in infantile rage while Congress is empirically shown to be powerless.

The republic was smashed when the election was stolen in 2000, only a few us ever faced it and a great majority of the country never will, not with a corporate lying propaganda media entity happily willing to lie and distract.

Is it then truly plausible to know with great certainty that the United States will continue it’s futile and failing occupation in Iraq for at least 27 more months, with a projection of at least 5,000 American deaths and 50,000 causalities?

Tristero, Atrios and James Wolcott say yes, while Steve Gilliard and I say no. I cannot speak for Steve Gilliard, but while I completely agree with the first three based upon logic, reality and the facts as we know them, I simply do not think that all of the variables in the Iraq equation will stay static and constant for 27 more months.

No way. Already since Duncan made his prediction he’s been stunned to see Fox News (!) tear Bill Kristol apart for sacrificing soldiers for purely specious political reasons. If Fox News can change on this then any variable can flip and a totally unknown scenario will spill out to end the American occupation.

James, Duncan and Tristero base their assumption on the entirely rational and stable casualty rate of 60 deaths a month, as the projection here does. Well, what happens if circumstances continue to implode and the death rate for 2007 is 300 a month? Then 400 six months later? The American public, 60% of which already know that Iraq is a war crime, will continue to obediently sit there the whole time as this happens? Hmmmmmm.

People and circumstances change. Gilliard thinks will lead to a scenario where a sedated Bush is led out of the oval office after he and Cheney resign so a caretaker President can competently retreat from the conflagration. I have no idea what will happen, but that scenario is not implausible to me. We already have an Executive who stole the election and started a war for lies with help from American propaganda. Think about it. We’re already in la-la land.

Perhaps I am in some childish mode of denial myself, a delusional dream that Americans will be noble, honest and caring while they eventually do the right thing. Trouble is, everywhere I’ve ever gone all over this land all I’ve ever met are noble, honest, caring Americans who do damn good job of doing the right thing every day.

That inherent, very deep goodness and mounting pressures of incredible force may manifest itself in ways we can’t see yet to humiliate Bush so thoroughly he’ll order the retreat. After 6 months of corruption investigations a hurricane of public anger could change everything.

Perhaps I hope for such a scenario too much and refuse to accept the reality that no matter now many die Bush will still skate to Crawford in 27 months, leaving the war for someone else to end. Maybe. I will never, ever be able to accept that incredible crime, and all I know of the America I love will not accept it either.

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