Tuesday :: Oct 17, 2006

Gallup Says Congressional Approval Falls To 1994 Levels

by Steve

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Gallup noted today that public approval of Congress is at its lowest level since the days before the 1994 election that changed control of Congress.

As the midterm elections approach, members of Congress understandably can be nervous about being able to keep their jobs. A new Gallup Poll finds only 23% of Americans saying they approve of the way Congress is handling its job. Additionally, just 30% say they are satisfied with the way things are going in the country at the present time. Both measures are low from a historical perspective, creating an environment that may benefit the Democrats in November. In general, the incumbent party typically loses seats when voters are dissatisfied with the way the government is performing, making Republicans vulnerable this year.
Congressional job approval ratings have been below 30% since October 2005. Prior to that, ratings of Congress had not been this low since 1994. Just before the incumbent Democratic Party lost 54 House seats in the 1994 November elections, congressional approval was the same as it is in the current poll, 23%. The historical low point for Congress' approval rating was 18% in a March 1992 Gallup Poll.
As is the case with congressional approval, U.S. satisfaction levels are similar to what they were just prior to the landmark elections in 1994. Just before the 1994 elections, satisfaction was 31%.
It’s so bad for the GOP that three of the Tom DeLay-redistricted seats that were supposed to be safe GOP seats are now in play this year.

For what its worth, Raw Story reports today that congressional GOP aides they have spoken to now assume that the Democrats will take over the House, and believe that no "October Surprise" that Rove could cook up would work now.

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