Wednesday :: Oct 18, 2006

The Left Coaster: Election 2006 State of the States Roundup

by eriposte



CO: Democrat Ed Perlmutter (website) running in CO-07 is being swiftboated. Also, via Square State, we see that Cherry Creek News is reporting that:

The investigation into Republican Bob Beauprez's campaign use of restricted federal criminal database data has broadened to include the FBI, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

KY: An internal D poll in KY-03 suggests John Yarmuth (D) is running neck and neck with his GOP opponent Rep. Ann Northrup, but Yarmuth faces a cash deficit. Here's Yarmuth's website.

MN: The latest MN-06 poll suggests Democratic challenger Patty Wetterling may be slightly ahead of far right GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann.

MO: GOPer Jim Talent caught lying about lying. Check out his Senate challenger Claire McCaskill.

NE: Democrat Scott Kleeb (website) is running a great campaign in NE-03 against Republican Adrian Smith, in strongly Republican Nebraska.

NH: Bottom-feeder Rep. Charlie Bass (R) is now flip-flopping furiously on Iraq perhaps due to his somewhat shaky poll numbers. He's being challenged by Democrat Paul Hodes in NH-02.

NM: With Democratic challenger Patricia Madrid performing strongly in the polls (also see here) against GOP Rep. "Halliburton" Heather Wilson in NM-01, Madrid is being swiftboated. Visit Madrid's website here.

NY: Majority Watch has 4 polls in key NY congressional districts showing great results for Democrats. But are the polls reliable? They seem too good to be true.

P.S. Most of the blogs featured in this update are listed in The Left Coaster Election 2006 Progressive State Blogs list.

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