Thursday :: Oct 19, 2006

The Delusion Continues

by Steve


Before he even sees what suggestions James Baker will produce in January, Bush is already signaling that he’ll pay as much attention to them as he does to all outside counsel: zip.

Awaiting the recommendations of a commission exploring U.S. options in Iraq, the White House on Wednesday emphatically ruled out some proposals to end the long and unpopular war.
Presidential spokesman Tony Snow said a suggestion to divide Iraq into Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish regions, each with high degrees of autonomy, was a “nonstarter.” Similarly, he said a phased withdrawal of American troops — perhaps by 5 percent every two months — also was a “nonstarter.”
“You withdraw when you win,” Snow said. “Phased withdrawal is a way of saying, ‘Regardless of what the conditions are on the ground, we’re going to get out of Dodge.’"
Snow said Bush would take the commission’s recommendations seriously but that they were simply advisory suggestions. The White House has said Bush would not feel bound by the group’s proposals, which are not due to be released until after the November elections.

You withdraw when you win? That line should be superimposed on the video images from Iraq every night between now and the election. And I’m sure the man who helped deliver W into the White House in 2000 appreciates the one-finger salute he got today from Junior.

It sure is easy for Bush and Snow, two guys who are too yellow to have ever seen combat, to talk tough with the lives of someone else's loved ones.

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