Thursday :: Oct 19, 2006

Evening Quick Hits

by Steve

As we head into the late evening hours, I have several short ones for your review and comment.

First, GOP House Appropriations Committee Jerry Lewis, who is under federal investigation for his oversight of billions of dollars in federal funds, summarily fired dozens of committee investigators Monday night to prevent them from finding waste, fraud, and abuse under his watch.

Second, GOP House Intelligence Committee member Heather Wilson of New Mexico needs to explain why she made an incriminating file on her husband disappear for years.

Third, House GOP Slug Richard Pombo should explain why he is working hand-in-hand with white supremacists and anti-Semites.

Fourth, House GOP Loser J. D. Hayworth needs to explain why he sent surrogates to a synagogue on his behalf who managed to insult Jews.

The ACLU is already preparing a legal challenge to Bush’s 2006 Leave No Fascist Behind law.

Despite media stories to the contrary, the Democratic national committees are keeping pace and in some cases out-raising their GOP counterparts.

Why aren’t Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Evan Bayh, and Joe Biden dumping a lot more money into helping more Democrats get elected this year? For that matter, where is that big checkbook from Hillary?

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