Sunday :: Oct 22, 2006

Bush Flip-Flops On Timelines; Denies His Central Policy

by Steve

Months ago, when numerous Democrats including John Kerry among others suggested that we establish a timeline or benchmarks to gauge Iraqi performance and then change our military strategy depending on how well the Iraqis do, the GOP and White House jackboot crowd smeared Democrats as appeasers, cut-and-runners, and ignorant of the enemy we face.

So today it comes as no surprise that the White House is setting timetables and benchmarks for the Iraqis to agree to by the end of the year, and if they fail to meet those benchmarks, we will change our strategy regardless of the situation on the ground. In other words, the White House flip-flopped. Even worse, Bush demonstrated pure delusion and total mendacity when he said to ABC that he has never stood for “staying the course”, even though he has said exactly that at least a half-dozen times. A man who can lie like that in the face of a large record that contradicts him is a man who has no business being Commander in Chief.

On a related note, London’s center-right Telegraph newspaper is now calling for a withdrawal after sizing up the failure of Bush’s policies.

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