Monday :: Oct 23, 2006

Newsweek, CNN Polls Show Democrats With Double-Digit Leads Among Likely Voters

by Steve

The latest Newsweek poll over the weekend shows that Nancy Pelosi’s “100 Hours Agenda” has large public support. In this poll, Democrats have an 18-point edge over Republicans next month among likely voters, echoing results from a CNN poll that was also done over the weekend which showed an 17-point Democratic edge among likely voters.

There are two other items of interest in the Newsweek poll. The poll shows that 51% of those polled say that impeaching Bush should be a priority of the new Congress. And 66% say that rolling back Bush’s tax cuts should be a congressional priority.

As for the CNN poll, here is a key finding:

Most of those polled don't believe the chances of a terrorist attack against the United States would change if Democrats gain control of Congress. Fifty-eight percent said there would be no change, while the rest were evenly divided over whether the chances would increase or decrease.

Meanwhile, the just-released ABC News/Washington Post poll out this afternoon show that independents are breaking for the Democrats by a 2-1 margin, the largest amount this year in this poll. However, this poll was of the public at large, and ABC/WaPo won’t release their pre-election poll of likely voters until the first week of November.

Update: I overlooked today's USAT/Gallup poll which showed the Democrats with a 13-point edge amongst likely voters. The poll also reflected that a record number of respondents said their representative did not deserve reelection, and that national issues rather than local ones would decide their vote. The problem with this poll is that it has an abnormally high MOE.

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