Tuesday :: Oct 24, 2006

The Left Coaster: Election 2006 State of the States Roundup

by eriposte


MN: Evidently, one of the tenets of far right GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann's denomination is that the Pope is the Antichrist (and therefore, that Catholics are Satan worshippers). It is amazing that Bachmann associates with something so egregiously repulsive. Needless to say child safety advocate Patty Wetterling (D) - who appears to be neck-and-neck in a tight race - is easily the sane choice in MN-06. [On the web: Patty Wetterling]

MO: Sen. Jim Talent (R-Corruption) who gets a D+ rating from IAVA for his voting history on issues relating to American troops and their families, helped publicly boost a company that broke the law by illegally selling securities. His opponent is the classy Claire McCaskill - the person whom Parkinson's sufferer Michael J. Fox is supporting in this deeply emotional and moving ad. The RNC has now pumped a whopping $1.7M into negative ads against McCaskill. [On the web: Claire McCaskill]

NH: Democrat Paul Hodes continues to impress in his NH-02 race against bottom-feeder Rep. Charlie Bass (R). [On the web: Paul Hodes]


  • Tom Kean Jr. (R-Corruption) - slipping in the polls against Senator Bob Menendez (D) - rates the Bush's administration's overall performance a B-! You have to see this video to see this character in action and see Menendez's response in contrast (BTW, Michael J. Fox is evidently going to campaign for Sen. Menendez). [On the web: Sen. Bob Menendez]
  • Corrupt extremist GOP Rep. Mike Ferguson continues his egregious crusade against stem cell research. His opponent in NJ-07 is Democrat Linda Stender who's giving Ferguson a tough fight. [On the web: Linda Stender]
  • In the meantime, Juan Melli previews a thoroughly and predictably obnoxious GOP mailer in NJ:

    They used their latest mailer to terrorize voters with the prospect of - *gasp* - Democrats being elected! It's got all the tell-tale signs of a Republican campaign - racism, lies, fear and an embarrassing typo. It's interesting that all Republican ads these days seem to offer free advertising for al Qaeda. This one's no exception. Why is the NJGOP doing bin Laden's work for him by trying to scare Americans? We know you guys haven't caught bin Laden, but do you have to keep reminding us? Please let us join you in your happy, blissful bubble of accomplished missions, turned corners and last throes!!

    Then, right next to bin Laden is the second scariest thing to the NJGOP - a brown person!

NY: Incumbent Republican Rep. Sue Kelly is losing it because of the spirited challenge from Democrat John Hall in NY-19. [On the web: John Hall]

VA: Democrat Jim Webb is still running neck and neck with racist liar and GOP Senator George Allen. Raising Kaine has posted a link to a recent Jim Webb ad that is worth a look. [On the web: James Webb]


WI: Democrat Steve Kagen (a doctor) is running a very close race in WI-08 against GOP opponent John Gard and Kagen may even be leading. He's been blasting Gard for the latter's lies and corruption in this funny ad and he's got another creative ad in which he declares "I'm too conservative to be a Republican". No wonder Gard is now dishonestly trying to link Kagen to a serial killer. [On the web: Steve Kagen]

WY: GOP Rep. Barbara Cubin is in a race to the bottom. Click here to read about her revolting verbal threat against a disabled Libertarian with multiple sclerosis. Gary Trauner is the Democrat challenging Cubin for the WY-AL seat. [On the web: Gary Trauner]

P.S. Most of the blogs featured in this update are listed in The Left Coaster Election 2006 Progressive State Blogs list.

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