Thursday :: Oct 26, 2006

Earth to US Journalists: Democrats and Republicans are Very Different

by paradox

Every campaign cycle the worst “free” journalism corps in the world—our own US chattering media whores—inflicts upon the public the absurd notion that many elements of the Democratic and Republican party are the same. It horribly tarnishes the Democratic party and allows Republicans to get away with their filthy behavior.

How are they vastly different? Here’s a very short list:

Republicans are liars. They are led by war felon Bush, easily the greatest presidential liar this country has ever seen, who lied about his tax cuts, the NSA spying scandal, the Iraq War and Social Security. The nuclear whopper lie documented here is classic in its brazenness; Republicans lie when their lips move. Democrats do not; they’re not perfect, of course, but this projected level of honesty parity is beyond ridiculous.

How did this evolve? Our putrid “journalism” corps gave up on the truth.* He said, she said, who you gonna believe? The “journalists” won’t tell you, so liars feel completely free to launch the massive whoppers above. It’s beyond sick—in no other realm of human existence is human lying tolerated like this, it simply is not. It’s not normal, it’s psychotic, and it’s present to us courtesy of the US “journalism” corps.

Republicans run sleazy attack ads. Kevin Drum says it best: “From Lee Atwater to Rush Limbaugh to Newt Gingrich to Ken Starr to Tom DeLay to the Rove/Bush/Cheney machine, the Republican Party has pioneered a scorched-earth approach to politics that Democrats have never come close to matching.”

The latest example are the heartbreaking race baiting ads in Tennessee. Once they get desperate Republicans use the most vicious, filthy tools possible. For ABC news to publicly state “the Democrats campaign dirty too” with no examples is an outrage, deeply disgusting to any kind of professional standard. Jesus Christ.

Republicans regressively campaign. By this I mean when they're not viciously attacking the themes and ideas they present are negative, fearful ones that are emotionally driven, not progressive ideas of intellect that move the race and society forward. They play upon the sexual and security elements of the human brain in crassly manipulative ways, in other words, sleazy tactics that bring out the worst in our people.

Democrats off intellectual, civic solutions to issues, while Republicans manipulate voters with fear and gender issues. They’ve been doing it for 30 years, will it ever be recognized and differentiated? Of course not. It’s very effective—as Billmon says, it’s really the only thing Republicans are good at.

Democrats in 2006 are overwhelmingly the Iraq Veteran Party. Veterans from the war who want to initiate change are running for Congress in numbers not seen since right after WWII. There is absolutely no corresponding trend on the other side.

What does that say? Democrats are trusted by veterans, Republicans are not. Well no kidding, Republicans lie to get soldiers killed for nothing, so Democrats are the party of the troops, not Republicans.

Finally, Republicans are corrupt. Two great Republican corruption schemes have been inflicted upon America by Republicans recently: the K street project and the Iraq War. In both instances we are just beginning to discover the vast scope of these crimes, but it’s screamingly obvious even now Democrats have never come close to implementing such a vast enterprise of felony. Democrats are not pure in this area, certainly not, but they are not outrageously corrupt like Republicans.

Media reform is not going to come about through regulation or some inner awakening of professionalism in corporate newsrooms. It will come about in the vacuum of truth created by corporate media, which will lead readers to emerging alternative media that has credibility. That media won’t cover for liars, in other words, and will be trusted for the truth.

It won’t come in time to somehow solve the Iraq war, bring back hundreds of thousands of lives, pay back trillions in debt, or make up for lost potential and opportunites for investment. But it will give the country a chance to make it to the 22nd century; the United States won’t even make it another 50 years if it can’t differentiate the truth about its political parties.

*The perfect quote for this is from PBS’s Jim Lehrer in Boehlert’s book, where Lehrer literally says the truth is none of his business. I no longer watch that show. The quote can’t be googled well and I gave the book to my Dad, dern, if anyone has that quote I could sure use it.

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