Thursday :: Nov 9, 2006

Left Coast Netroot Heroes: Matt Lockshin and Saynotopombo Crew

by paradox

I am still deeply shocked and dreamily delirious at the defeat of Richard Pombo (CA-11) by Jerry McNerney Tuesday—he didn’t defeat one of the most foul, dangerous GOP thugs in Congress, he whupped his ass by seven points in a district gerrymandered 6 points down from the git-go.

I’ve spent all my life in or around CA-11, and my Father lives there now. Pombo had won seven times with one of the most rabid GOP constituencies in the country; to this day confederate flags are common on pickups in Morgan Hill. To face the race requires Everest resolve and total blind faith that a massive array of negative variables can somehow be obviated.

Fully a year before the race began Matt Lockshin of Berkeley set up and ran Saynotopombo, a blog dedicated to any intelligent thinking or news that would defeat Richard Pombo. Obviously nakedly partisan, the writing was still extremely good and rigorously slammed through a titanium mental bit of reality and honesty. Partisan, yes, but excellent political writing with an incredibly valuable record of how CA-11 evolved and ran. The blog, of course, also helped tangibly in electing McNerney.

I met Lockshin in February and was vastly impressed with this deceptively quiet pilgrim of truth on a totally hopeless cause; attentive, gentle, humorous, extremely intelligent, a fascinating wanderer on a quest for American justice. How did a human brain like this end up in a union hall in Pleasanton, circa 2006 US of A? However it happened liberals and environmentalists globally are deliriously grateful it did, for Lockshin and his people tirelessly blogged CA-11 and did everything they could to help McNerney win.

Burke and Locke, Paine and Franklin, Truman and Lincoln, they are very pleased, oh yes. They salute you, Matt Lockshin, and bestow upon you a life of honor, shining accomplishment, good fortune and consistent sweet sex.

Two cases of fine Samuel Adams lager will be shipped this morning, courtesy The Left Coaster, to Lockshin and his crew: Matt Ortega, Scott Restivo, Kevin Keefe, Delta, and Babaloo. When they are chilled and ready ask Markos Moulitsas over, he’s literally just a shout away. Markos would be honored to share in your richly deserved celebration.

Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. We will not forget.

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