Thursday :: Nov 9, 2006

Election 2006: Some numbers, some myth-busting and other matters

by eriposte

Here are some readings for you this morning.

Thank you Governor Dean!

Looks like young Americans and union members played a major role in the success of the Democratic party in 2006. Thank you!

Hearing all the mindless chatter in the media about how "conservative" Democrats won this time and shifted the Democratic party to the right? Mostly BS. Bookmark this link, read the various debunking pieces linked to there and let your friends know. Read this debunking by Media Matters as well.

Want to know more about Robert Gates? Remember who helped finance the madrassas in Pakistan and the bin Laden operations in the days of the Soviet Union? Remember what happened in the run up to the Iraq war with the intelligence community? To be fair, there's this too.

Can you help defeat the ultra-corrupt Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) in the runoff election early next month? That would be a great win for us as we force a clean up in Congress. State Rep. Karen Carter (D) is running against Jefferson and has a great chance to unseat him - here's her website (please spread the word, this is very important)

Finally, what happened in CA on Tuesday? Go to Calitics and California Progress Report for a roundup.

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