Friday :: Nov 10, 2006

Open Thread - Good Beginnings Edition

by Steve

Well, Pelosi and Reid are off to a good start, getting positive press coverage and sounding bipartisan notes. From Friday’s Post:

Aides and friends say Reid and Pelosi are strongly partisan people who fumed under the heavy hand of GOP majorities, especially in the House, and who made no secret of their distaste for Bush's handling of the Iraq war and other policies. But the sources said the two also realize they must minimize differences within their caucuses. And they know they must balance the stridently anti-Bush sentiments of some liberal constituents against the more pragmatic pocketbook concerns of moderate and unaffiliated voters who were crucial to this week's election results.
"You have to govern from the center," Pelosi said yesterday. "We are in a completely different place now. We are setting our legislative agenda."
"It's time for bipartisanship, it's time for open government, transparency, and it's a time for results," Reid said. "There must be a new direction in Iraq," he said, along with more affordable college tuition and health care, greater energy independence, and smaller deficits.

Pelosi and Reid’s centrist tendencies arise from the need to cement in the gains from Tuesday in swing districts.

OK, it's your turn.

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