Tuesday :: Nov 14, 2006

Bush Now All Alone On Global Warming

by Steve

Bush is now the last holdout in opposition to an international Kyoto-type carbon trading system: Australia now wants to deal with global warming, isolating the United States the only industrialized country in the world that has fought this. With Barbara Boxer about to push aside the neanderthalic James Inhofe as chair of the Senate Committee on the Environment (Baucus and Lieberman will already have other committee chairmanships), the bipartisan calls by John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Dianne Feinstein for such a carbon trading system here at home just got one step closer to reality.

The GOP has softened its reluctance to deal with global warming over the last two years, and the multi-billion dollar slab of energy industry corporate welfare that was the 2005 energy bill will soon be re-opened and significantly changed by a Democratic congress. The only question is whether or not veto-proof majorities can be cobbled together in each house to force Bush's hand on the issue. It is certain with McCain and perhaps Hagel running for president that Lieberman will jump at the new opportunity to "get things done" with the Democratic leadership as part of the energy bill rewrite this year.

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