Wednesday :: Nov 15, 2006

Lieberman Trots Out His New Behavior Today

by Steve

Kate Zernike of the New York Times runs a great piece in Thursday's paper about CENTCOM commander General John Abizaid's testimony in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee today. As the story notes, Abizaid gave both sides something to hang their hat on, saying that more troops may be needed temporarily to try one more time and get Baghdad under control. But he also pushed back against John McCain's belief that instead of a withdrawal America should be committing more troops to the country. In fact, Abizaid said that it wasn't clear where the United States would even get those troops.

Zernike tells us about the subplot at the hearings, where Joe Lieberman openly sided with the GOP against his own caucus and rubbed the Dems faces in it. McCain for his part couldn't be bothered to arrive on time, but instead made his grand entrance almost an hour late. At least he came; most of the Republicans didn't come at all.

One of the prices that Democrats will pay for trying to unseat Lieberman is that Joe will do everything to be a prick to his own caucus on Iraq. This "in your face" performance by him today will be repeated over and over again by him until either the caucus has enough of it and tells him to jump to the other side, or until Bush's policies finally crash down around Lieberman and the rest of the war's cheerleaders, at the expense of our troops. Joe will force the caucus to eat nothing but sh*tburgers on Iraq, because we created this monster. We made him the most powerful person in the Senate by going after a fellow Democrat before we had a majority in the Senate first. Lieberman knows that he can screw his former mates and caucus with the Republicans and give the Senate to Dick Cheney, but it would be a short-lived victory of only two years. He would lose his committee chairmanship and would be shunned in 2009, spending the remaining time of his term as an isolated, reviled, self-serving weasel.

That said, Democrats should get used to Lieberman's "I'm a prick, bitch!" routine, because they will see more and more of it until the wheels come off overseas.

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