Wednesday :: Nov 22, 2006

Toys In The Attic

by Steve

AP photo

Photos like these will be more common from here on out. As he slips into irrelevancy due to his bankrupt vision and negligent inaction, Bush will search for friendly audiences here and abroad just to get away from the train wreck of his presidency, to escape the reality that no one inside the Beltway cares anymore what he thinks or says. He is a man without a country.

We still have six weeks before the Democrats take over Congress, but the truth is that the legislative branch is now running the United States, which is what the voters wanted. Bush lost this country shortly after the 2004 election, yet he and Rove thought they could ride out the second term with a limited script aimed at a subset of the country using an all-too-familiar message. They grossly underestimated this country.

OK, it is your turn.

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