Tuesday :: Dec 5, 2006

Coming soon to TLC: Blog Op-eds

by eriposte

It is with pleasure that I'd like to announce on behalf of my editors at TLC, that we are introducing our version of blog op-eds.

We are kicking off this initiative with a guest blogger (or two) from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). We hope to have more guest bloggers over time, but let me take a moment to talk about the DNC guest blog posts.

On behalf of TLC, I had contacted Josh McConaha (The DNC's Internet Director) and Tracy Russo (the DNC's Online Outreach Coordinator) to invite them to write regular blog posts here to discuss strategic ideas and issues, tactical victories and challenges, and other aspects relating to the DNC's 50-state strategy. The intent was to give them a forum to discuss news and ideas that they can engage the netroots on. Josh and Tracy are very knowledgeable Democratic activists who are in a good position to share some perspectives and knowledge pertaining to the DNC's 50-state strategy with our readers - and we thought you, as readers, will appreciate the opportunity to engage with them directly, ask them questions and debate them on the issues.

Josh and Tracy graciously accepted our invitation. I expect Tracy will be the one posting most of the time and it is our hope that she will post at least once in two weeks, if not more frequently. We hope that readers, progressive activists, bloggers (especially state-focused bloggers) and Democratic party activists and representatives at the state level will join us in these discussions.

P.S. These guest blog posts will be the equivalent of op-eds in newspapers and are not to be treated as mere propaganda or fundraising pitches. We hope you will engage with the bloggers candidly and constructively. As always, let me remind everyone that the opinions offered in any blog post at TLC reflects the opinion of the author of the post and no one else, unless otherwise stated. By extension, future posts from DNC representatives are not necessarily the opinions of TLC.

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