Wednesday :: Dec 6, 2006

With Report Out, Bush Can Now Move On And Ignore It

by Steve


The report is out, now officially in the hands of the White House. And nothing will really change. In fact, we will now send another 20,000-30,000 troops to Iraq from somewhere to fight the militias. This will be against the wishes of the Iraqi government and their Shiite power base, who insist that we fight the Sunni insurgents. And it will be against the wishes of the moderate Sunnis in the region, who are more concerned about Iran suckering us to go after the Sunnis for them.

No matter what is said over the next couple of days about what the report recommends, or what Robert Gates will do once he is formally aboard, it doesn’t really matter. There won’t be a major course change from what Cheney wants to do, and Gates is somewhat irrelevant. The same media cheerleaders who supported this war and now have egg on their faces and blood on their hands, are spinning that the report and Gates’ ascension mean a change in course. Wrong.

The fact is that there will be a ramp up during 2007 under the “Go Long” policy, which will be the administration’s default position. Democrats should monitor this all next year and hold the administration accountable for its actions and failures through hearings. They should monitor how the GOP and the White House ignored the Baker/Hamilton report, and keep the heat on the GOP for failing to take the steps necessary to address the voters’ concerns about Iraq. The American public supports the conclusions in the Baker/Hamilton report, and wants the troops out in two years or less. Democrats can now use this report to hold the Administration accountable for doing what the public wants on Iraq, and use the hearings as that hammer all next year. They can also use the supplemental appropriation request to not only make Bush pay for his boondoggle by ending the upper-income tax giveaways, but to also require specific actions from the administration.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Nothing is really going to change for much of 2007.

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