Friday :: Dec 8, 2006

Better Political Writers, Please

by paradox

I don’t like to be Machiavellian around Christmas, Congress is in recess and Jesus isn’t cool with it, so why push it? Yet extremely irritating “journalism” from The San Francisco Chronicle yesterday just has to be expunged from my mental state, it’s simply impossible to let this outrageously ludicrous writing pass without comment.

I also don’t like to pick on Carolyn Lochhead and the Chronicle, for I’m totally positive precisely the same flavor of critique would flow forth from any perusal of “reporting” from any major “journalism” shop in the US, almost all of them write like this. At least you’re not alone in your vapid, infuriatingly arrogant shallowness, guys, there are many, many swimmers in your vastly deep professional journalism pond of utter mediocrity.

“Naked reality came crashing down on the Bush administration Wednesday…” Most readers are used to their reality plain and aren’t aware that it can be clothed. Merely three more words are required to cloak reality with physical mass, for it came crashing down from somewhere.

Just the first five words written (it’s what being a professional is all about) and this “journalist” has fallen flat on her face. Readers are not children, readers are adults looking for facts, and the final report of the Baker commission was not naked, it certainly was not reality, and nothing crashed anywhere.

“Unlike the posturing and obfuscations that the administration and many in Congress have engaged in since the war began…” Of course there were never, ever inflated posturing and obfuscation practiced by the “journalism” corps of the United States in the prelude to the Iraq War. This outrageous, sickening, appalling omission is so disgusting and arrogant it almost defies belief. How dare this “journalist” perch in a paragraph and have the gall to cluck over other’s “obfuscations” without acknowledging the media’s role as propagandists for the Iraq War, where do human brains summon the capability of snotty denial for text like this?

“Stark talk from such an esteemed group...” Esteemed? Esteemed? James Baker? Sandra Day O’Connor? Ed Meese? Glenn Greenwald, Jesus watch over such gifted liberal writers, precisely outlines how this cloaking of credibility from a “journalist” on dithering, cornered fossils with no accountability to anyone is, again, starkly outrageous.

“…will be difficult for President Bush to ignore.” Just who does this queen of clueless think she’s talking to? How is it possible for a human brain to get so hopelessly twisted off track in one lifetime?

George Bush ignored the will of the people (you know, that little prop of alleged Democracy) when he happily accepted the theft of Election 2000. Bush ignored all forms of human decency and morality by ordering a pre-emptive war with lies. Bush ignored the Geneva Convention when he ordered torture. Bush ignored the constitution when he order the NSA to spy on Americans too, yet he will find this absurd report “difficult” to ignore?

A major reason the United States is ensnarled in the horrifying quagmire of Iraq is that the “journalism” corps of the United States utterly failed in their duty: reporting the truth. Incredibly, even after four years of mayhem and death “journalists” still feel perfectly free to write such offensive trash outlined here, blood dripping from the pages.

Please get a clue, please drive a crowbar into your brains the whole world reads and instantly comprehends how terrible this “journalism” is, so typical of all American papers. The country needs much better political writers to somehow get out of this ungodly lying war, why for the love of Jesus can’t these journalists look in the face of Cindy Sheehan and do their duty?

Merry Christmas, Carolyn.

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