Friday :: Dec 8, 2006

Zogby: Bush Approval Down To 30%

by Steve

AP photo of Bush lighting the tree yesterday and embarrassing Laura once again

Zogby's latest poll has Bush's approval rating falling 6 points since October, now down to only 30%. The major drag on his ratings remains Iraq, where only 34% now think the war was worth it. And this is before Bush gives a speech to the nation later this month telling us his plan for victory in Iraq. (Would Bush really change course if he is letting the Pentagon drift for the rest of the month?)

The latest AP/Ipsos poll done this week now shows that 60% of the public wants the troops out in six months, but that figure shoots to 71% when asked if they would support a definite 24-month withdrawal of our forces. Clearly, a politically safe position for Democrats would be to insist that we will be out of Iraq no matter what by the time Bush leaves office. It appears that the public rejects passing this cancer onto the next president.

Here's two questions for you: After seeing his reaction to the Baker/Hamilton report, 1) what do you think his "new" strategy will be; and 2) what will his approval rating be by the end of December?

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