Saturday :: Dec 16, 2006

Edwards In, Bayh Out Of 2008 Race

by Steve

Weeks after this blog predicted that the horse race mentality of the media and the looming battle between Hillary and Barack Obama for the lion’s share of attention would force other candidates to get in or out earlier than they had planned, we find out today that Indiana Senator Evan Bayh has now dropped out. With former Virginia governor Mark Warner already out of the running, and now with Bayh also out, the center-right side of the party finds itself with no one except perhaps Joe Biden and Hillary, depending on the issue.

While this is happening, John Edwards is ready to officially enter the race later this month. Bayh’s decision helps Edwards, who already has a good field operation and is leading the polls in Iowa. But the field is being winnowed down even before Obama announces whether or not he is running, and the only candidates with foreign policy gravitas right now are Biden and Bill Richardson, who had the guts to go after John McCain today on Iraq.

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