Tuesday :: Dec 19, 2006

Gunning For Iran

by Steve

The Bush Administration, undaunted by its failures in Iraq, is spoiling for a naval engagement with Iran in the Persian Gulf:

The U.S. Central Command is aggressively planning a naval buildup in the Persian Gulf, including the addition of a second aircraft carrier, in response to a series of aggressive actions by Iran, U.S. military officials told NBC News on Tuesday.
The officials pointed to Iran's interference in Iraq — including its support for Shiite militants and shipments of improvised explosive devices into the country — recent military naval exercises in the Gulf, and its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

About those "aggressive actions", let it noted that the Bush Administration has never taken steps to seal the border between Iraq and Iran in the nearly four years they have occupied the country. Let it also be noted that Iran has the right to conduct naval exercises off its own coasts. And let it also be noted that the United States has not provided any proof, nor can its intelligence community do so, that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

But apparently that won't stop the Cheney/Rice/Abrams cabal from setting the stage for an attack that can start a war.

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