Friday :: Dec 22, 2006

The More Things Change . . .

by Steve

Guess who prepped Robert Gates for his confirmation hearings? The military brass? Nope.

Shooter and his cabal.

Look, let's jump ahead and speculate how this will play out:

1. Gates returns home and tells Bush we need to escalate, but couch it in terms of paying attention to the ISG report.

2. Bush has his "announcement" during the first ten days of January that he is sending another 20,000-30,000 troops into Baghdad from God knows where, over the objections of the Iraqis and our own generals, as a way to try one more time and "win." He makes no other effort to address the rest of the ISG report's recommedations, thereby selecting only the recommndations that fit his preconceived plans.

3. Biden and Levin hopefully have hearings right away in mid-January to confirm that Gates and Bush blew off the generals and the Iraqis, and get the comments of the ISG principals in response at the same hearing.

4. The Democrats drumbeat the blow-off in the lead-up to Bush's SOTU at the end of January, while Bush's approval rating falls into the 20's.

5. Bush gives his SOTU with the same tired rhetoric, acting as if the November election results were not about him but rather all about Congress, thereby kneecapping himself at the start of the session while Pelosi and Reid pile up some victories on the "100 Hour Agenda."

And yet Bush will head over this cliff willingly, convinced of his own righteousness.

Hat tip to Raw Story

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