Sunday :: Dec 24, 2006

Republican Party ID as Strong as Ever

by paradox

Sociologists and their cousins, political scientists, always track party identification numbers for electorate and have noted their stability: in the last 40 years Democratic id hovers in the low 30’s, while Republicans cruise in the high 30’s. Stability derives from the multi-faceted source of id; it’s not merely politics but a familial, regional, cultural, even “tribal” identification of self and place in the world. To change party id would mean internal challenges of change of Everest proportions.

Even in times of ultimate stress and applied pressure—now—id has not wavered, reflected in yesterday’s USA Today’s ticker poll, which showed 37% of respondents state Bush “inspires confidence.”

Even after the ongoing disasters of Katrina and Iraq, the deficit spiraling out of control, America hated all over the world, Congress lost, Bush the lamest duck there ever will be, the Republican party about to be ripped asunder by religious and racist degenerates, Republicans still will not change id.

Duncan Black, Jesus forever watch over his saintly soul, has noted with droll, dry dread that we as a nation face 2 more years of “leadership” from our babbling war felon President who gropes the German Chancellor when she visits. The Middle East may have erupted into regional war by the end of it, but a tiny silver lining to the horror show for the political junkies will be to watch the Republican party id number.

These upcoming 24 months will be the acid test of all time for Republican party id; if one thinks the previous 24 were tough, just wait until lame duck 9/11 man gets to deal with all the war corruption hearings from Waxman, Iraq further degrading (if that’s possible) into regional civil war, Scooter Libby pardoned or copping a plea, the country broke into the poorhouse, and his own party turning on him with an admirable Texas desperation.

It’s never going to get worse for Republicans than this, and even a lying propaganda “journalism” corps isn’t going to save them this time. Our little whoring corporate sycophants did all they could for election 2006 and failed. They will not succeed for 2008, either. No amount of distraction and frivolity can ever hide a war for lies indefinitely, American “journalists,” it’s disgustingly amazing it worked for 2004.

No matter what CNN or ABC tries in the next 2 years Katrina, Iraq and immigration alone are going to rip the Republican party to shreds and decimate their future (what young person would be attracted to these lying killers?). As my good friend MaryScott points out, Republicans are about to endlessly barraged by outraged popular cinematic and music figures, who have very, very powerful weapons to define what is culturally cool and acceptable in the United States. NBC (General Electric) can’t do diddly about them either.

Republicans are about to be searingly humiliated at family holiday dinner tables across America. Many of the scenes and moments will be subtle and low-key—it’s Christmas, after all—but the Republicans, masters of arrogant, obnoxious certainty, are about to get their faces rubbed in the own George Bush shit, and there’s still next year’s holiday humiliation to go through as that dirty fucking hippy nephew hates America and says right at table Jesus is horrified by the war and we have to get out. That, in no uncertain terms, is going to hurt badly. It will be a small nudge but these next 2 rounds of holiday family dinners are going to have an effect on party id, of that there is no doubt.

Two more years of Bush? I’d say Republican party id will be at 31% by then, and it will never come back, not after what those idiots have done to their youth and immigration vote. 31% is optimistic, yes, but for the next 2 years one has to desperately snatch any sliver of silver lining suddenly flashing through these dark times.

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