Friday :: Dec 29, 2006

More Aid For Iraq? Show Us The Money

by Steve

Yes, I agree that an economic development program aimed at jobs programs and restarting some of the state-run industries is a good idea for Iraq, rather than throwing taxpayer money at Bush/Cheney campaign contributors. But it was a better idea back in 2004 when it could have made a difference, before the Bush Administration lost track of billions of dollars in taxpayer money that went to Halliburton, Bechtel, and dozens of private defense and security contractors whose only qualification were that they wrote checks to the RNC and Bush/Cheney. But to come to taxpayers now and ask for more money for Iraq, when there are unmet needs here at home and when these GOP campaign contributors have never been made to account for what they got already is a nonstarter.

If Bush wants the money now, he should justify it to Congress and tell us how he plans to pay for it. But before that, the Democrats should demand a full accounting of the fraud that the White House and GOP have sanctioned to date.

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