Sunday :: Dec 31, 2006

Ski Mask Justice

by Steve

Reuters photo

Does anyone notice any similarities between the alleged Saddam Hussein execution party, and other execution gangs in Iraq? Why does the contingent that allegedly hung Hussein look more like a ski-mask wearing gang than it did a formal process of the Iraqi justice system? And this is the justice system for which 3000 of our own have died?

Marc Santora's account of Hussein's execution in today's Times indicates that Hussein could see the deep brown skin of his executioners behind their ski masks, and could detect their Shiite dialects. Yet when you look at the official images of these folks, it is less than clear that these were deep brown skinned men. But according to the official accounts, it appears that Nouri al-Maliki's government wants it known that those who executed Hussein were supporting Muqtada al-Sadr, which led one observer to wonder how the government could expect to rid the police and army of the militias when the government seems to make it clear that the Mahdi Army carried out the execution.

Good question.

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