Monday :: Jan 1, 2007

Messages from the Saddam Hanging

by soccerdad

Lets be very clear up front, I shed no tears for Saddam. However, the way the trial and the execution were handled makes a mockery of justice and Bush’s promise of bringing Democracy to Iraq. On second thought it probably is his idea of democracy and justice, but that’s a rant for a different day. A number of detailed accounts of the hanging are now available here, here, and here. You can read through them for the details, I won’t repeat them here. I have been trying to figure out why did it happen that way. I think there are two messages being sent.

First the Shia’s are sending a very clear message that the Sunnis have no role in the new Iraq. Iraq is now a Shia state. It would appear that Bush has decided to go with the “Shia solution”, i.e. back the favorites. But how does this fit in with his plans for Iran? Maybe its just another way the US has of further inciting the civil war, pouring more gas on the fire knowing that later on when either the US or Israel attacks Iran, the US will turn on the Shias. Meanwhile the Shias and Sunnis are busy killing each other which works to the long term advantage of Bush.

But there is a second message that is being sent by Bush to the rest of the world and it’s a message that has been sent by many colonial powers over the centuries. When you don’t cooperate with us, we will attack your country, capture you, humiliate you [remember the pictures of Saddam getting the lice out of his beard or in his underwear], run you through a kangaroo court and then hang you. So listen up Hugo, when we come knocking you better be on your knees. Bush can repeat all the crap about democracy until hell freezes over, but the true message is one of pure force, shock and awe as it were.

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