Tuesday :: Jan 2, 2007

Bush Stands Ready To Isolate Himself

by Steve

Graphic courtesy of PIPA

Next week might be the point when the Bush Administration isolates itself from the American public and Congress. The BBC reported last night that it has learned Bush will announce his new Iraq policy by the middle of next week. The policy will call for “sacrifice” through an escalation in search of a mission, and Bush will apparently use these forces for combat instead of training Iraqi forces. Bush plans to sack General George Casey and escalate for “victory”, rather than helping the Iraqis to stand on their own.

It comes at a time when Dick Lugar is telling him that any escalation requires congressional consultation and Arlen Specter says he cannot justify it; our troops are lukewarm at best on his policies; and the American public has rejected Bush’s foreign policy on Iraq, Iran, and are against any increase in defense spending. Even Republicans support cutting the Pentagon budget.

As Joe Biden and Carl Levin fire up their committee hearings, hopefully with a newly retired General Casey as one of their witnesses this spring, the Democrats will be in a position to put the Bush foreign policy into receivership.

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