Tuesday :: Jan 2, 2007

Amateur Hour Begins With Giuliani

by Steve

The Giuliani camp says that a GOP rival stole a copy of a campaign analysis apparently from the luggage of his chief fundraiser (a former Bush/Cheney 2004 fundraiser). The analysis talks about the need for Rudy to steal some of McCain's biggest contributors, as well as how Rudy's dirty laundry may sink him. But if you were to believe this explanation, the rival camp had to know which piece of baggage among many contained the 140-page campaign analysis, and would have then stole the bag, photocopied the document, and then returned the one piece of baggage later while trying not to make it look obvious that the missing bag was, well, missing.

From the man who gave us Bernie Kerik, this seems appropriate. Yet as interesting as it is to see the Giuliani camp tell the New York Daily News that this is a rival's dirty trick, the reaction from the McCain camp is almost as interesting.

Hat tip to TPM Cafe

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