Thursday :: Jan 4, 2007

CBS Poll: Bush Down To 30% Even Before Escalation

by Steve

A week before Bush will announce a weaker escalation plan than John McCain wanted, the latest CBS News poll shows that Bush starts the 110th Congress with only a 30% approval rating, his lowest ever in a CBS News poll. Worse yet for Bush, 68% of the public is optimistic about the Democratic congress and a near-majority think that this congress will get a lot more done than the previous one (which isn’t saying much.)

But take a look at the Number One issue the public wants this Democratic congress to deal with first:

Iraq: 45%
Economy/Jobs: 7%
Health Care: 7%
Immigration: 6%

And with that high rating of optimism about the Congress, what does the public think the Democrats will try and do about Iraq?

Increase the number of troops: 12%
Keep the same number: 8%
Decrease the number: 35%
Remove all troops: 36%

Yup, only an eighth think that the Democrats will escalate (Hello Joe Lieberman), while more than two-thirds think the Democrats will either try to reduce or try to remove all troops.

Even after Saddam’s execution, only 23% of those polled approve of Bush’s handling of Iraq, and that’s before he announces the escalation.

A personal note: I will be heading back to the Big Apple starting tomorrow for a week of vacation with my family, and my posting will be lighter than normal the next two Fridays. Our other editors will try and fill in.

Happy New Year to all of you.

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