Tuesday :: Jan 16, 2007

Democrats: Please Go On Tactical Offense

by paradox

I’m not as enamored to Congressional authority over the Iraq war as Bill Richardson and Digby. Any attempt to cut off funds will instantly spawn the Stabbed in the Back narrative that will be an utter disaster for Democrats, they have zero influence over the absurd narratives our corporate media will spin on that. I also don’t think it’s tactically possible and will only expose Democratic weakness, there aren’t anywhere near the votes for it.

Senator Russ Feingold said he’d seriously “look into” how Congress can stop the war with funding power. If there was a way to do it he’d have said so, but he’ll still investigate options. Feingold is one of the best we have and it would be better for everyone to wait for his judgment before bringing this up again. There’s nothing here but extreme risk, but if there’s anything to do Mr. Feingold will find it.

Again, I wish to holy jesus this disaster of “phased withdrawal” that Richardson endorses had never been seriously considered. It’s a wishy-washy, half-assed way of saying the war should end, but predicated on conditions no one can predict or even agree upon. It only continues the insanity with a weak tactical position of kinda-sorta, maybe-someday we can be leaders, this inability to actually lead is a phase, so sorry, please stay with us while more of our soldiers die for nothing.

It sends our troops up the wall. I have personally read on The Daily Kos a soldier who just flipped out about it, saying it was cruel and stupid. Just imagine standing before two brigades of our troops and saying one of you are leaving, the other staying for another year in a phase.

We have killed and maimed our soldiers for nothing but lies and psychosis. It is the utmost sign of disrespect to keep them there any freaking minute more than necessary—jesus save us the incredible mental damage we would inflict on those who had to stay. After all our troops have gone through it’s not a freaking option, it’s likely tactically impossible, it makes one look wishy-washy jesus christ and general fucking Jackson may the country be preserved from any disaster of a politician who spews the filthy utterance of “phased withdrawal” again.

[makes the sign of the cross]

Again, Democrats face a very hostile media environment and a Judicial Branch that will always defer to the Executive, should they get to even ruling at all what the Executive flouted the law on. When it comes to the Iraq war we’re screwed, and even now some pundits are exhorting Democrats for tactics that will keep them from getting blamed for the Iraq war, God.

This is why citizens burn out, give up and tune out on American politics—it’s not worth the anguish and pain to see the country self-destruct like this with no way to stop it.

I also dislike this writing in the extreme—if there’s one sure positive way to ruin a day it’s telling Democrats what to do. Of course they could care less what I or any intelligent person think as they blithely fuck up 75% of what they try anyway, pocketing campaign cash and obsequiously squirming in our rigged corporate media environment all the while. Simply disgusting.

Just so I can say I tried one day, one more time:

Democrats, you’re in a lousy tactical spot even though you just took over Congress. The media hates you and undermines everything you do, and there is no help from Judicial to reign in our freak war felon Executive. Tactically the best option you have is to go on the offensive to create the correct media narratives to stop Bush.

Why haven’t investigative committees ramped up? What the hell is taking so long? Democrats can rip Bush to shreds every day with committee hearings on an endless list of Executive crimes and abuses, creating public outrage and isolating Bush. Then we might have a real chance to stop this terrible war.

I see nothing else, Democrats, I’m sorry, and it is one sorry-assed spectacle to see the party sputter and lose control of the media narrative so soon after the election. Please go on the offensive and get it back. If you’d like the tone to be more respectful in a future request, please earn it. Have a nice day.

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